Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why buy handspun yarn & why is it so expensive?

You see the prettiest skein of handspun yarn for sale at a craft show booth and flip over the price tag to see the price. You may be shocked at what you see but I want to let you all in some of the reasons why that price may be higher than you were expecting and why you might still want to purchase that skein of yarn!

First off I feel like the fiber world is a close-knit community which makes it unique! It isn't uncommon to be walking around a fiber festival and someone come up to you and comment on that hand-knitted scarf you are wearing. They may even recognize the pattern and yarn you used. We are very passionate about our yarn!

When buying a skein of handspun yarn you are essentially supporting the handmade movement. With that one skein of yarn you are supporting the farmer that takes care and feed the sheep, the dyer who has to buy all the equipment and dyes for dyeing the fiber & the spinner. And if you are purchasing a finished product you are also supporting the knitter/crocheter/weaver/etc! That is a lot of people involved to create that finished product! It takes a lot of hard and time-consuming work to create what we create but we do it because we are passionate about it!

By the time I am buying fiber, once it has been sheared, cleaned, prepped, & dyed I am spending anywhere between $15-25 for a 4oz braid of fiber! It is worth it though to see the finished skein. You can see the work of everyone involved!

Because we are passionate about what we create we want to make sure our products are of good artisan quality! Using good quality handspun yarn almost guarantees that your finished product is going to feel like a luxury!  You won't find the unique color combinations, textures or imperfections that I find so beautiful in handspun in a commercial yarn. That to me is worth the price tag!

If you haven't tried handspun yarn before, consider supporting the fiber artists that have put so much love into their work! It will be like nothing you have used before!

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  1. This was so informational! Thanks so much! I love seeing your passion in your work! Keep it up! :)