Friday, October 2, 2015

new year, new things

My birthday was this past week and for my 29th year I decided I want to learn something new. I stumbled upon a youtube video that mesmerized me. The hooper in the video moved around so beautifully with her hoop and I couldn't stop watching. I began searching more videos of hoopers and saw that all kinds & shapes of women were hooping and that gave me the confidence to want to try it out myself. I logged into Etsy and bought myself a hoop from Stellar Sunshine Hoops. The seller was so kind to send me an extra hoop with my order! 

The moment I received the hoops I spun one around my waist and realized that waist hooping was just like riding a bike. I was pretty good at hula hooping as a kid but never thought I could still do it as an adult. I am looking forward to learning how to move with my hoop and hopefully becoming a healthier and more confident version of myself!

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