Wednesday, May 20, 2015

5 Ways I Find Inspiration

There are days where I am just not feeling it. Creating sounds more like a drag than a way to express myself. Some days I try so hard and nothing works out. Those are the days I walk away from what I am working on. Sometimes just a small break can fix it but sometimes I need more than a breather to get myself back into it.

Last week Jen & Danielle of the She Percolates podcast discussed how they like to get themselves past their creative blocks and it got me thinking about the things I do to help myself feel a little more inspired.

1. Pinterest.
This is the obvious & easy answer but it really is an amazing tool! When I need a bit of a visual inspiration I like to open Pinterest and just start pinning images that catch my eye. After awhile of doing that I like to look back at all the things I pinned and see if there is anything in the images that are similar. For example my images may all have a similar color combination or they all convey a feeling. I like to take those things and find a way to incorporate them into my project.

2. Notice the details.
This is basically the same thing that I am doing on Pinterest but in real life. I like to get out of the house when I am feeling in a slump. I like to go on a date with my husband, window shop, or sometimes just being outside in the garden helps jump start that creativity!

 I love the Fall time. When the cooler, crisper days start I like noticing the details of the season: the colors, the scents, the tastes, the way the sun shines, etc. After immersing myself in the details I find myself wanting to use those colors, scents, & other details in my project!

3. Learning something new.
When I learn a new technique or a new craft I love the freedom it gives me. It is like a new tool in the toolbox. So many options open up and that always pushes my creativity farther!

4. Turn off the noise.
Music moves me. I love how music can make me feel a certain way or another but sometimes noise can get distracting. Turn off the TV or that podcast & even your music for awhile! Let your thoughts be heard. It may feel uncomfortable at first but the more you try it the more you may find your own brain has ideas that you never gave a chance to think about!

5. Just start making something.
As a knitter or crocheter it is always a great idea to challenge yourself. Learn new stitches or knit a sweater but I have found that when I am struggling to find inspiration I just crochet. I crochet something simple like a scarf or a hat usually with a simple stitch pattern that I can turn on auto-pilot. The act of creating even if it isn't going to be my next greatest work propels my creativity so much!

This is just 5 ways I have found the most effective for me to help me get back into creating when I am not feeling creative at all. Some of these may not work for you but notice what is going on around you when you are feeling inspired. What are you surrounding yourself with? What is going on around you?

What are some ways you have found that helps you get out of your creative slump?


  1. I love this. Great ideas. Getting out into nature helps me a lot, and noticing the details. How blue the sky is, the sun shining through the trees... I also like to get into the kitchen and cook up something delicious. Cooking is creativity, but it is completely different than our fiber arts. I can make it as simple or complex as I want, but seeing that end result so quickly (compared to knitting a sweater, haha!) is so satisfying and can jump start my creativity. I also spend time reading blogs and looking at photos of designers and other creatives I admire. What about their work draws me in? Color? Texture? Photo composition? Then I take that back to my work.

    1. These are all great tips! Isn't it neat how creativity promotes more creativity? I love it!